The ACL comprises of three committees. Here are the names of the current and past officers comprising each committee.

Executive Committee

The ACL Executive Committee comprises of the following members:

  • President.
  • Vice-President: the President of Year + 1
  • Vice-President elect: the President of Year + 2
  • Past-President: the President of Year - 1.
  • Secretary. The term of the Secretary is 5 years.
  • Treasurer. The term of the Treasurer is 5 years.
  • Past-Secretary. The Secretary stays on the Executive Committee as Past-Secretary for one more year after her/his term expires.
  • Past-Treasurer. The Treasurer stays on the Executive Committee as Past-Treasurer for one more year after her/his term expires.
  • At-Large Members. There are three At-Large Members on the Executive Committee with a term of 3 years each:
    • Information Director
    • Conference Officer
    • SIG Officer
  • NAACL Chair (ex officio)
  • EACL Chair (ex officio)
  • CL Journal Editor (ex officio)

The duties of the officers on the Executive Committee are listed here.

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee consists of the three most recent past ACL presidents, each serving for the three years following their own presidency, and six ACL fellows appointed as follows:

  1. A fellows roster is set up by listing all fellows chronologically by year of induction and alphabetically by last name.
  2. Each year an invitation to join the committee is issued to the next two fellows in the roster that have not yet served on the nominating committee, that have not served on the ACL executive committee during the past five years, and that are compatible with the requirements that the committee should contain:
    (a) at least 3 men,
    (b) at least 3 women,
    (c) at least 2 members from each of the three major geographical regions.

If a candidate declines the invitation, new invitations are issued following the order in the roster. If the end of the roster is reached without having filled all positions on the committee, it is up to the ACL executive committee to invite suitable candidates, who are not fellows, so that as many of the requirements as possible are fulfilled.

When the committee is first established, six fellows will be invited, with the first two serving only for one year, the next two for two years, and the last two for three years. After that, one third of the committee members will be replaced each year (one past president and two fellows). The committee shall be chaired by the past ACL president whose term is about to expire (for a duration of one year).


  • Members of the nominating committee are not allowed to contribute to new nominations (as nominators or recommenders) while serving on the committee.
  • Members who have earlier contributed to nominations that remain in the system should if possible ask other people to replace them (as nominator or recommender). If this is not possible, the concerned member should declare that they have a conflict of interest and not take part in the evaluation of that nomination (see point 3 below).
  • Members who have a conflict of interest with respect to a nomination should declare this and not take part in the evaluation of that nomination. Conflicts of interest are assumed to exist if committee members have contributed to the nomination (see point 2 above), if they have a close family relationship to the nominee, if they have co-authored a paper or collaborated with the nominee in the previous five years, if they are employed at the same company or institution as the nominee, or if they have other relations to the nominee that can be seen to constitute a conflict of interest.
  • If one or more conflicts of interest exist, the nominating committee shall first evaluate and rank the nominees for which no conflicts exist. The remaining nominees shall then each be evaluated and inserted into the ranking by the subset of the committee that does not have a conflict for that nominee.

International Sponsorship Committee

The ACL International Sponsorship Committee (ISC) has two regional chairs from each of the following regions, namely, Asia/Pacific Rim, Europe/Africa/Mid-East, and Americas. The term for each regional chair is usually 2 years. The chairs of each region should be more active when the main ACL conferences, such as ACL, NAACL, EACL and EMNLP, are in that region.

The duties of the regional chairs on the International Sponsorship Committee are listed here.