Information for publishing at *ACL conferences

Submitting the final version of your paper

Below are the general *ACL policies for preparing the final version of your paper (sometimes still anachronistically called the “camera-ready”).

If your question is not answered here, please email the current publications chairs for any questions or clarifications. We will update this page if new issues arise.



The final version of your paper should incorporate the comments of the reviewers as well as other changes you see fit to make. In addition, be sure to do all of the following:

Submitting the final version in START

You may submit the final version of your paper by navigating to the conference’s START page → Your current Submission(s) → your paper → Final submission. You should have received an email with more information about this procedure.


It is very important that your paper’s metadata (title, author names, and abstract) is entered correctly. It is used on the conference website, handbook, mobile app, and the ACL Anthology (and propagates to DBLP, Semantic Scholar, Google Scholar, etc).

Please see Entering paper metadata in START for instructions on doing this.

Note: Your conference may or may not allow authors to be added or reordered after submission. Please check with your conference organizers.

When you submit the paper, you will be asked to sign the ACL Copyright Transfer Agreement on behalf of all authors, either electronically (via the START Conference Manager) or physically. Authors retain many rights under this agreement and it is appropriate in the vast majority of cases. Please contact the publication chairs with any concerns regarding copyright.

Before signing this form, please confirm with your co-authors (and, if applicable, your and their employers) that they authorize you to sign on their behalf. Please sign your full name (not just your first or last initials).