Information for publishing at *ACL conferences


Phase 1: Before the call for papers

Roughly nine months before the conference, the call for papers will be prepared. This is a shared responsibility of the entire organizing committee. You will have to pay attention to the following points:

Phase 2: Before the camera-ready deadline

The time before the camera-ready deadline is relatively quiet for you. You can sharpen your axe in the following ways:

Phase 3: Before the conference

The time between the camera-ready deadline and the conference is when the majority of the publication chair’s work happens. This falls into two major categories.

Preparation of the main conference volumes

Managing the books from the book chairs

Submitting the proceedings

As a general rule, the complete and finished proceedings should be available online and in the Anthology at least a week before the conference starts.

Program chairs are also responsible for collecting copyright transfer agreement from all of the authors of main conferences and related events including workshops, tutorials, etc. In principle, the submission site has an online form to sign up for agreement, and what you have to do is to check whether authors correctly input their names in the form. However, some authors might have a problem with the agreement form of ACL, and in this case you have to contact the authors directly and solve the issue.

For details, see Copyright.

Phase 4: After the conference

If you go to the conference, enjoy it: Your work is done. Once you have recovered from the publication process, please consider editing this website to keep it up-to-date with the latest technological and organizational developments, and add your own advice.