Information for publishing at *ACL conferences

The order file

The “order” file determines the program, the order of the papers in the proceedings, and the paper IDs. In principle, the order file is prepared and input by program chairs or book chairs. However, you have to keep an eye on the well-formedness of their order file, and ask program/book chairs to fix it if necessary. It is a good idea to let program/book chairs to read this page before they make their order files (in particular “Style guideline”).

What are affected by the order file

The order file affects the followings:

How to edit the order file

You can input the order file in “ACLPUB > Order”. Three methods are available:

  1. Upload an Excel file via Schedule Maker
    • Schedule Maker is a START tool to create/edit a schedule and an ordering of papers. You can find it in “ACLPUB > Order > Schedule Maker”, or simply “Schedule Maker” from the top console.
    • Prepare an Excel file describing the schedule and the order of the papers, and upload it to the system.
    • This is recommended if you have many papers (as in main conferences), or you need to produce multiple order files from one program (e.g. make separate order files of long and short papers from one program).
    • Sample Excel file
  2. Visually edit orderings in Schedule Maker
    • Schedule Maker has an interface to visually edit a schedule and orderings. You can find it in “Visual ordering” in Schedule Maker.
    • This is sufficient if you don’t have many papers, or when you make minor final revisions.
    • Screen shot
  3. Input/edit the order file directly
    • You can directly input/edit the order file in the text field in the “Order” page.
    • In this case you have to choose the option “Use the text below as order file”.
    • You can also auto-generate the order file from Schedule Maker (by clicking “Import Order from ScheduleMaker”), and edit it. This will be useful for last-minute editing.
    • This tool is useful when you prefer text editing rather than Excel. Also, you might need to use this function when you have to make editing that cannot be done using Schedule Maker.
    • The order file looks like this:
    * Monday, June 23, 2014
    + 7:30--18:00 Registration
    + 7:30--9:00 Breakfast
    + 8:55--9:00 Opening session
    + 9:00--9:40 President talk
    + 9:40--10:10 Coffee break
    = Session 1A: Discourse, Dialogue, Coreference and Pragmatics
    111 10:10--10:35 # Paper title 1...
    222 10:35--11:00 # Paper title 2...

Style guideline

The basic guideline is described in START, but you also need to conform to the following guidelines, so that the tools to generate the conference handbook work correctly. Most of the guidelines described here are automatically followed when you use Schedule Maker rather than directly editing the order file.

The following guideline is a summary of the guideline described in ACLPUB HOWTO. For details, see the original page.